Taco Vengo, a Mexican restaurant just opened in SM Megamall located at the Upper Ground, Blgd A, beside Sbarro. At first, it is hard to notice because it seems like it is still closed but there is a hallway on the left part (beside Sbarro) leading you to the main resto. It just opened 5 days ago so you can tell by the look of it that it is really neat and cozy and there are a minimum amount of people entering because It’s still new and their spot is really not noticeable, to be honest.

Let’s cut to the chase and begin with the food!

We ordered Honey Soy Chicken Burrito, Honey Soy Rice Bowl, and Orange Chipotle Steak Quesadillas 

Honey Soy Chicken Burrito, God this is divine. Just by eating half of it you feel like you’re already full and you have the energy for the whole day! I cannot finish the whole burrito so I gave the other half to my mom (and she didn’t even finish the other half!). This burrito is not for those people who eat a little ‘coz I tell you, it’s a waste of money. Inside, you’ll find chicken, rice, veggies, and bean sprouts, and it also comes in two dips (Sour Cream, and BBQ Ranch) both are amazing. It is very aromatic, you can literally smell this down the hallway. And it tastes good! It compliments in whatever dip you choose, whether sour cream or BBQ ranch. I totally recommend this dish.

Honey Soy Rice Bowl, it is really savory though I don’t like the cauliflower (I don’t like the texture. It is soggy, and I don’t know why) but aside form that, it’s good. Maybe you’re thinking that it has the same taste as the honey soy chicken burrito but no. It has a distinctive flavor and that lime brings out all the flavors in that bowl. Chicken has this rich sweet flavor that I like, and even better for it is drizzled with sour cream. But to be honest, I don’t like the serving size, I don’t know if it’s for all rice bowl meals but it’s not enough! I was amazed by how few this dish was, thinking that we paid Php220 for this. Tastewise, I like it but I will not trade my money for this.

Orange Chipotle Steak Quesadillas, again serving size. It’s so little. But I’ll give an A for it’s presentation. Charred pita bread topped with melted mozzarella and parmesan cheese and chives. It’s really mouthwatering. I’m just in doubt if they serve the right meal for us because I ordered orange chipotle steak and these quesadillas are just so thin and I didn’t taste any “chipotle steak” in it. So I’m confused. Maybe they just serve the wrong dish I don’t know.  But I really want to try this again because it’s delicious!

I like to try one of those burrito again and the quesadillas but I swear I will not order those rice bowls again, it is  a waste of money. Menu, ranges from Php110-Php400 per serving. I also like the place itself because it is really quiet and their song choices are very relaxing. We spend 2 and a half hours inside because it’s really calming. Their place is great for meetings and project making. You can really focus on what you are doing and their servers are a plus! They are very accommodating and kind.

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See you!



Kapitolyo is getting famous for its scrumptious food and resto and  I’m able to experience it myself! Last Sunday, after attending the mass my boyfriend and I went to Kapitolyo because I’m craving for some nachos and by craving, I mean, the things I will do to have and taste nachos are not legal. So this resto is called SILANTRO FIL-MEX CANTINA and I  tell you, the moment I saw this place I knew it has a great set of food because the line of people are getting out of hand!

First, the aura is enticing because it’s cozy and it’s not fancy. You can literally wear your pajamas and yet you can still have  a great time and meet a number of good people and no body will judge you.

Second, of course THE FOOD. Can you tell by the way this review is going that I really love it here, right?! Alright, so the food is great. This Cantina is known for their nachos so we ordered it, Beef Nachos together with Quesadillas and Caliente Wings. Their nachos are crispy but the top part are soggy and I guess it’s because of the cheese ‘coz it’s melted and apart from that oozing melted cheese they also prepared a dip for the nachos but my boyfriend and I dip almost everything not just the nachos  because the dip is also good. It has a garlic dip, homemade guacamole (the bomb), and a hotsauce (I admit, I don’t like it).

Quesadillas are good, it also cheesy and thick. I’m just not really a fan of their pita bread because it’s not grilled. I’m more of the crunchy and crispy side rather that soft and chewy. But other than that, it’s good stuff.

Caliente Wings comes in four pieces and six pieces. We choose 4 pieces because that nachos and quesadillas are good for 3 people already and we’re like just two and we’re already full with that nachos and quesadillas. I love wings, chicken wings and thighs are life and this caliente wings are good. It’s caramely, and gooey (in a good way) and it taste good! It’s savory and it compliments the garlic dip (I mean, what can go wrong with garlic dip) and the veggie toppings on that wings are very refreshing it toned down the savory taste that you’re getting from the wings.

Lastly, the people who are serving are quite good, they’re friendly and accommodating. They really answer your questions kindly and they take up all your needs. I will definitely go back and try new foods from their menu and will also write a review about it.

I really recommend this resto to all of you guys. It is not a waste of time and money and I wish you can have the same experience as I did. Don’t be shy to leave a comment and any recommendations for my next review. Thank you!

Till next review!